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2 pásma full range, 6,5"+ 1,3" kalota/waveguide, 200W/88dB, 83Hz-20kHz, 100°, hmotnosť 7,7kg


Compact loudspeaker with no compromise in sound quality
For portable use or permanent installation
100,° conical beamwidth
Passive crossover for single amplifier operation

The JF60z is an ultra compact loudspeaker, engineered for exceptional, near-field performance. It provides surprisingly high output and exceptional fidelity for foreground and background music applications. It's speech projection capabilities also make it very effective as a fill or delay element in larger audio systems. Unlike many compact loudspeakers, the JF60z produces the high impact, high definition sound projection expected in professional PA applications. Its wide angle projection makes audience coverage easy in a variety of situations. While the JF60z is well suited as is for many applications, the addition of a subwoofer can expand its capabilities for more demanding applications.
Foam-backed grilles hide the drivers from view for pleasing aesthetics. Top, bottom and side mounting points allow enclosures to be mounted in virtually any configuration using eyebolts or accessory brackets. Additional mounting points accept an OmniMount,® 30.0 Series or similar bracket and a third-party, external, stand adapter for pole mounting, such as the K&M,¢ 195/8 or Ultimate Support,¢ BMB-200K. Standard colors are black and white. Other colors can be specified as a special order items.
The diverse applications for the JF60z include: band PA, multimedia systems, retail spaces, presentation suites, shopping malls, smaller houses of worship, theatres, auditoriums, lecture halls, and theme parks. Fill/delay applications include arenas, stadiums, concert halls, theatres, and houses of worship.

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